Will I be a good parent? Am I ready for this? What nappies should I be buying?

...How will I cope with so little sleep? What if I mess up completely? These have been just some of the questions that have passed through my mind since I found out I was pregnant with my first child. It’s fair to say that becoming a parent is certainly one of the biggest changes you can experience in your lifetime and I don’t think you can ever fully prepare for it. When the news was shared with friends and family, the advice started coming at me. Everyone has opinions on how to prepare for parenthood but many ideas can be conflicting. It can be hard to know what to listen to and everything can feel very overwhelming. But here’s a book that redirects our gaze onto what needs to remain our focus through any stage in life, God’s word and the Lord Jesus.

Bumps, Babies, and the Gospel

by Sarah Dargue

You can buy all the best, most highly recommended things for your baby’s arrival and you can take the best courses available to you but how do you prepare your heart for parenting?

Sarah takes you through the book of Colossians and lifts your eyes to Christ as you wait for this new season to begin. She recommends you read before your baby’s arrival and I would agree. My husband and I read through the chapters together and there are helpful questions at the end of each part for you to discuss and suggestions for prayer.

The book is just a short ten chapters and so easy to read, yet so rich in content. It highlighted for me the areas where my heart will be challenged when I become a parent and how I can prepare myself now for those days. It also gave me and my husband the opportunity to reflect on our fears and hopes for parenthood and how the good news of the gospel impacts them. In each chapter Sarah comes back to the cross and you are reminded of the grace and mercy we have already received and is continually poured out on us as we muddle through parenthood.

It offers practical advice on how to cultivate a cross-shaped and word-filled heart and it is realistic about how these things can be tough, especially in those first few weeks! But most of all it is a book with Christ at the centre.

It has been a great comfort to me to meditate on Christ in preparation for my baby’s arrival and I have no doubt that it is the best way to prepare for what’s to come.

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