Time to re-assess?

Our women's book club recently finished going through their first book together. Many have found it really helpful to read something they might not otherwise have read, and discuss with other women the ways in which it has encouraged and challenged them.

Here are one person's reflections on the book:

"The timing was perfect for me to read this just going into lockdown. As a furloughed employee I’ve had time to stand back and reassess my lifestyle choices and the way I order my life. So relevant in the busy world we live in!

'Whichever season of life you are in this book will help you to do a reality check...'

...to learn that it’s good to rest and relax in order to refuel and feel refreshed in our spiritual, family, church, social and secular lives.


Embracing a grace-paced life in a world of endless demands

by Shona and David Murray

This book suggests lots of helpful ways to embrace a grace-paced life; it’s ok to slow down and relax without feeling guilty and enjoy Gods good gifts; learn to accept the help of others with humility when needed; each day is a rare and precious gift so just focus on the essentials.

The book reminds us that...

'...God delights in us being conscious of our weaknesses and dependence on Him, not thinking we can do it all in our own strength.'

The demands on us are overwhelming at times and can lead to exhaustion, stress, depression, and ultimately burn out. Shona Murray shares her own painful story here of how she felt driven to be the perfect pastor’s wife but ended up on anti-depressants. Shona shares biblical principles, practices, and patterns that will refresh your body and soul so that you can start living a grace-filled and grace-paced life instead of joining the statistics.

'This book has taught me to try to go slowly, go gradually, go gracefully, and to face the future with new hope and confidence.'

Whatever your walk of life I recommend it."

If you would like to join the book club in reading their next book together,

first, get hold of a copy of Messy Beautiful Friendship by Christine Hoover,

then get in touch with us to join the conversation.

Both books are available here and from other booksellers.