Songs to lift your heart...

We recently asked a number of Emmanuel women what songs have been helpful to them. This is the first of several posts where we will share some of their favourites with you, along with their thoughts...

Many of us find that listening to Christian music, or better still singing along to them, can lift our minds and hearts and bring us joy.

This is a song that gets me jumping in my kitchen!

Whatever is going on in our lives God has the final say on everything.

It reminds me that I don't need to fear because the Lord is full control irrespective of how I feel."As my King he leads me on" - I'm his daughter and he is leading me through life and to heaven one day.

It reminds me that one day every knee will bow as they will see his glory and majesty. For us as believers what a wondeful day that will be. The words say that "now nothing's holding me back" we can be cofident in his death and what freedom it has bought us. As believers we have the best of everything in many ways - we can enjoy the blessings of life more than those who aren't. We know where these blessings come from! We also don't need to hold on to them too tightly, we don't need to become so reliant on these things because we know that our treasure is in heaven. He has paid the price, the immeasurable debt is paid and despite what this world says He has the Final Say!This is a real catchy tune and great if you want to dance and praise our king!

We have been well blessed and fed spiritually this past year due to the wonderful efforts of our pastors and the AV team. Music is a very personal taste in both style and delivery.

As an older person my preference is for beautiful words, and harmonious tunes delivered in a way I can easily sing along to.

I have been particularly blessed recently by: Acapeleridge. Traditional hymns with four parts sung by one singer, my favourite hymn is an old one: Sound the battle cry, see the foe is nigh! I remember my father singing it with great gusto as he led our Sunday school in the ‘50s!

This is such a beautiful melody with such life giving words. In my quest of managing all the many things I'm doing as a busy wife and mother (and now home-schooler to multiple children) this is a real rest for my mind. While I know my organising and being prepped for a day of homeschooling is good, and bringing order to chaos is needed, it can take over.

Doing things in my own strength so often leads to despair and exhaustion. It's a lesson I never seem to learn!

I don't need to have it all together

all the time!

Just sitting and listening to these words they reminds to lift my gaze heavenward to Jesus - the one who knows me, loves me, and sustains me. It is so true that when I do this the things of this world do become strangely dim in comparison to Jesus.

This song reminds me of the faith of a dear friend, now with the Lord.

On the way to our home group meeting, four of us sang it together in the car, and she sang it at the top of her voice. Despite a life that was far from easy, it was her every-day experience that life with Jesus is the best kind of life there can be.

When we take Jesus at his word and trust his promises,

life is sweeter and we do long for more.

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