Songs that give us hope...

We recently asked a number of Emmanuel women what songs have been helpful to them. In this series of posts we will share some of their favourites with you, along with their thoughts.

There are times when we struggle, or feel low and reading the Bible feels like hard work.

At times like this music can give voice to our emotions, encourage us with the truth, and restore our hope.

My husband and I listened to this song a lot during the first lockdown. It’s a song that faces suffering with eyes fixed on God and reminded us that God is still in control and always worth praising.

When things are tough, it’s worth bringing it before God

and that’s what this song does.

There is a line in this song which says: “he’s the one who loved you first, the one who knew you before birth” amazing! A truth I have so often forgotten when life is hard and I have felt alone or adrift, but when remembered brings so much hope and joy.

We were known before time began!

I love this song for many reasons: I really feel it shows the power of God "he breaks the bow and bends the spear and tells the wars to cease" and shows how he's always with us whatever trial we face "with us in the fire, with us as a shelter with us in the storm, you will lead us through the fiercest battles".

The part "oh where else would we go?" really hits home that nothing in this world can gives us that

hope and peace like God.

The song also shows the compassion of God "you know the hearts of men and still you let them live" and how he can calm our heart and soul when we are fearful "the one who calms the winds and waves and makes my heart be still". The words "though the earth gives way the mountains move into the sea, the nations rage, I know my god is in control" shows that the world is full of events but we know that God is in control of everything and he has a plan. I also love the voices of the singers and that these words haven't just been made up - these are statements that can be found in Psalm 46

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