Times are crazy right now and we are all having to rethink how we do life.

At Emmanuel Church, we've been looking at various ways to continue helping each other as women

through our women's ministry, and a blog seemed one good way to do that.  

There's already so much to read out there - much that's good and much more that isn't.

We have advice coming out of our ears and flooding our inboxes. 


So who do we listen to? How do we know what is right? Where do we start?

In our women's Bible study last term we were looking at the book of 1 Thessalonians.

Throughout the book Paul is at pain to encourage this new and struggling church in the gospel,

and for them to keep encouraging one another.  

What they need to remember most is the gospel - the truth about Jesus Christ - 

which changes everything about how they live as believers under pressure.
At all times, but especially in times of confusion, struggle or suffering we need to know that our God sees and understands all.  God's love encompasses all - it is wide and long and high and deep. 

Nothing is too big or too hard for Him to deal with, and nothing is so small that it escapes His notice.  

So where else can we go but to Him?

These posts are written by a variety of different women, edited and collated by our women's ministry team.  

Our shared hope is that this blog will encourage us to grow our roots deeply into God's word, and fill our hearts and minds with what is good, right and true, so that we can grow to become more like Him. 

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Ali, Rachel, Helen, Jacqui

Jan, Hannah, Helen, Leo & Milly